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Enhancing Your Game: How Football Grip Socks Can Take Your Performance to the Next Level

In the football world, every element matters when it comes to performance. From the right cleats to the perfect fit of the jersey, players are often serious about their gear. However, there is an undervalued but very important piece of equipment that has attracted more and more attention in recent years: football grip sock. How could football grip socks take your performance to the next level? These socks are specially designed to improve traction and grip for football players, the grip patterns come in contact with the insole of the shoe to prevent sliding and slipping during play. In this

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How to clean different types of compression socks

Compression socks are becoming common and can be worn daily to promote blood circulation, or relieve fatigue when exercising, or relieve leg swelling when boarding an airplane. The service life of a regular pair of compression socks is 6 months, so it is recommended to replace them at this time. So how should we clean or maintain different types of compression socks to extend their life? We need to wash and dry the compression stockings at the right temperature according to the washing standards on the packaging, as described below. Temperature Compression socks are normally made of nylon, and other

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Top 4 issues of the brands’ compression socks

Compression socks become more and more popular these years, and the reviews on this product are totally different. Today we’ve sorted out the reviews of the top 6 compression socks brands, to see the main issues of their bad reviews. Which problems are caused by the suppliers, which are selection problems, and which are unreasonable customers or malicious peer competition? And what should we do to improve the socks? We have compiled and analyzed the bad reviews of several big brands, in the hope that you can avoid these pits if you intend to sell or are already selling compression

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What’re the top-rated socks for EU and US markets in 2022?

More than half the year 2022 has passed, and our factory has communicated with many peers about the market and found that some sock categories have seen a dramatic increase in sales this year, while some have declined. So which socks are the breakout items for 2022, or could be the next breakout item, and which socks categories have seen a decline in demand? This article will tell you the conclusion based on data from end consumers, market conditions, and major industry reports.Since our main export countries are America and Europe mainly, the countries discussed in this article will be

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Are there any trade shows for socks worldwide?

As a buyer or sourcing for socks, you may need to look for and attend related trade shows. Since socks are a small branch of apparel accessories, there’re bare trade shows with only socks. As a manufacturer of socks, we are also attending hosiery shows worldwide, today I will show you some famous sock shows worldwide. A collection of exhibition information about textiles in the world. The top three popular ones in China arethe Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Shanghai China International Hosiery Industry Expo, and Haining International Fashion Boutique Socks Sourcing Fair. There’re also shows in South Korea like the preview In SEOUL in August. In Tokyo, Japan, the two large-scale

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5 Main factors that affect socks delivery time

When communicating with our client, the delivery time of bulk orders is one of the top 10 FAQs. Delivery is a test of a factory’s control and flexibility in the production process, a good delivery time can allow traders to occupy the market in advance, so as to increase the reorder rate. If there is a delay in delivery, it affects not only the trust of the customer but the reputation of brands as well as the experience of the end consumers. And for some products that have been advertised in marketing, the brand may also face huge fines if

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What’s the difference between regular and compression socks

Many of our clients who come to us for compression socks will ask what the difference is between compression socks and regular socks. Do compression socks really provide compression, or are they just a gimmick? I’m sure you will have the same confusion if you’re new to this product. So suppose you are planning to purchase a batch of compression socks for sale, it is highly recommended to read this article first. Our factory has been in the industry for 16 years, and as a product specialist, I have been working in our factory for almost ten years. Today I will introduce the differences between regular socks and compression socks

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10 Basic Standards to find a High-Quality Sock Factory

Product is the core competency in a company, which means the supply chain is extremely important. As a buyer or a purchase manager, he or she will have their own criteria when choosing a supplier, while what conditions should a premium socks factory have? In this article we have listed a few standards for a high-quality hosiery manufacturer for reference, hope to provide you with some ideas. The basic 10 standards to find a good sock factory is to check their sample quality first, and response rate, the communication between you and the factory to see if they can understand your

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5 Basic Structures of Socks You Should Know

When you are sourcing or designing your own socks, do you have an understanding of the basic construction of socks? Different constructions can enhance the functionality and comfort of your socks and better fit your brand concept. As a socks manufacturer with 20 years of experience, I, the project manager will introduce 5 basic sock constructions to help you get a better idea. The 5 basic structures of a sock is a jacquard pattern which can be called as a sock design, the second is one is elastic rib which is normally used on sports socks. A cuff is the top part

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