What is a grip sock?

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Grip socks have been popular in the market for a long time, and the common ones are Pilates socks, yoga socks, children’s anti-slip socks, football socks, and so on.
What is a grip sock? It is to add some short rubber bumps on the soles of socks, the bottom surface is relatively thick, and there will be a sense of uneven particles on the feet, the function is to increase the contact area with the floor or soles, make people’s center of gravity more stable, and achieve the effect of anti-skid.

Common non-slip grip socks

Grip socks were first used for yoga or Pilates.

For people who love sports, they wear anti-skid socks with grips on the soles of their feet, and the socks and shoes are more stable, so that it is not only easier to exercise, but also plays a role in health care for the feet.

Amusement parks or trampoline parks also need some grip socks. In places where many children play, shoes will be angular, bare feet will sweat slippery and breed bacteria, wearing anti-skid socks is not only comfortable and hygienic but also safer.

For babies who can just walk, parents usually wear socks for their children to learn to walk at home. With the popularity of anti-skid socks, babies are more suitable to wear baby walking anti-skid socks.

For the elderly, dispensing socks can play a skid-proof and fall-proof effect. Nowadays, many hospitals provide anti-skid medical socks for elderly patients.

The following picture provides some common dispensing socks, including air point socks, pressure point socks, jumper socks, yoga socks, Pilates socks, football socks, children’s indoor anti-skid socks, and so on.

anti silp socks

Material of grip

PVC & silicon

General materials for the grips are PVC, silicon, flocking fabric, etc. The commonly used material is PVC, because the price is affordable, and the material is soft, heat-resistant, and anti-skid performance. PVC is similar to silicon, which is made from polyvinyl chloride to vinyl chloride and then polymerized. The grips made from these two raw materials have the following characteristics:

  1. Non-toxic and tasteless, without any irritation to the human skin and respiratory system. It can pass the environmental protection test such as AZO. At the same time, all the raw materials purchased by our factory are certified by OEKOTEX-100.
  2. There are many colors to choose from, which can satisfy most of the Pantone color numbers.
  3. It has high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.
  4. Artificial needle glue, the same product engraved with a variety of colors, this process is still irreplaceable by the machine.
  5. The surface logo and pattern of the product can be used for a 3D stereoscopic effect.

The production process is divided into the following steps:

  1. The mold set up. We need to make the corresponding effect drawing according to the requirement, use the computer carving and create the mold.
  2. Color adjustment. Achieve the required color and hardness according to pattern requirements.
  3. Production. According to the drawing, the raw material is injected with a needle tube in the corresponding position of the mold, and the liquid material is solidified by high temperature (180-200 degrees Celsius) on the examination table at different levels. the baking times are generally determined according to the situation of the product, and the mold is cooled on the wet towel every time. Finally, the sample was taken out.
  4. Quality inspection. Each product must be no bubbles, no trachoma, no mixed color, the whole clean, rough edge trimming meticulous in order to meet the standard.

Here’s a video of how we produce grip socks.

Fabric grip

Flocking fabric is originally the brand Trusox, it’s a premium grip sock for the athletic.
The non-slip material they use on the soles of their feet is similar to a flocking fabric, which is very thin and grippy, so it is very suitable for football.
It’s usually added to both the inside and outside of the sock to increase the friction between the foot and the sock sole for added slip resistance, thus enhancing the effect of anti-skid.

fabric pvc

Shape of grips

Three different grip materials can be made into different shapes. Among them, PVC and silicone can be used to create a 3D-like effect.
At the same time, we also found that different grip shapes will have a different impact on the anti-skid effect. Therefore, in the design of dispensing shape, it is also necessary to carry out preliminary research. We had a customer who referred to the shape of the gecko claw to design a dispensing similar to the shape, and eventually, we found that the shape had a very good effect on anti-skid.
Flocking fabric can also be made into different shapes, but it can not achieve a 3D effect because of its thin material.

Thickness of grips

The thinnest is flocking fabric. What needs to be noted for the materials of PVC and silica gel is that because the glue is brushed layer by layer, so there is a risk that air bubbles may form during drying (see above video). Therefore, there are certain requirements for the grip machine and technology, which should be paid attention to in the inspection of grip socks.
To sum up, the grips made of PVC and silica gel will be thicker than flocking fabric, because there is only one layer for the latter one, which will be relatively thin and soft.

pvc anti slip tube socksflocking

As you can see from the above, grip socks are widely available and can be added to all socks, so I believe this will become a popular trend. If you have a different grip sock design and are not sure if it can be produced, please feel free to contact us — Jiaxing Max Hosiery.

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