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Max Hosiery History


When the factory was founded, there were only 20 workers and a small rented workshop. At that time, we produced ordinary cheap socks and faced the risk of bankruptcy in the fierce competition.

Later, we found that people are more concerned about their health, and the number of people doing exercise is increasing every year, so we studies the best material combined with moisture-wicking, comfortable, anti-bacterial features, and dedicated to sports, function and compression socks production.

Now, we already have a factory building with 6,000 square meters and 150 employees. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions in sports and medical socks.

We are dedicated to growing and evolving in partnership with our clients and stakeholders, continually enhancing our product range and services to meet and exceed market demands and expectations. Join us on our journey of growth and excellence in the sock industry.

max hosiery building

Max Hosiery Devices

Compression testing machine

Free compression level testing machine for our clients.

Shaping machine

Professional shaping machine for compression socks.

Color matching machine

Unique yarn color matching light machine.

Toe linking machine

We offer rosso linking, hand linking, and fake- hand linking.

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