How to clean different types of compression socks

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Compression socks are becoming common and can be worn daily to promote blood circulation, or relieve fatigue when exercising, or relieve leg swelling when boarding an airplane. The service life of a regular pair of compression socks is 6 months, so it is recommended to replace them at this time. So how should we clean or maintain different types of compression socks to extend their life? We need to wash and dry the compression stockings at the right temperature according to the washing standards on the packaging, as described below.


Compression socks are normally made of nylon, and other materials including wool, polyester, cotton, bamboo fiber, Coolmax, and so on. The cleaning water temperature of these materials is basically within 40 ℃(104°F).
If the temperature is too high, the elasticity of the socks will be affected, and if the temperature is too low, the socks may not be washed properly.
Another thing to pay attention to is not to soak the socks in the water for too long, which will also affect the elasticity of the socks. Soaking for about 10-20 minutes can almost be cleaned.


Hand wash or machine wash

This problem needs to be distinguished according to the material. If it is an ordinary material such as nylon, polyester, or cotton, both ways can be workable.
If it is made of wool, it is recommended to use hand washing. Machine-washed wool socks may cause socks to shrink and deform.
Other materials can be washed by machine, and some washing machines have sterilization functions, the effect of cleaning will be much better than hand washing.
It is best to put them in a separate bag when machine washing, because compression socks are basically long, so if they are washed with other clothes, they will easily become longer and distorted, affecting the elasticity and pressure of the compression socks. It is necessary to differentiate by color so that white or light-colored socks are not stained by dark-colored clothing when cleaning.
In addition, here is a washing tip, you can turn the inside of the socks over to wash, this part is in direct contact with the skin, and the sweat and stains on the feet are in the socks, turned over can be thoroughly cleaned, at the same time does not destroy the pattern on the surface of socks, but also reduce the hair balls caused by friction with other clothing.

hand wash2


We also need to use neutral and mild detergent or detergent during washing. pH balance detergent can play the best decontamination effect, and does not damage clothing, will not irritate the skin.
Pay attention to washing compression socks do not add bleach or softener and so on, they contain chemical components, that will destroy the elastic fibers in compression socks, and shorten the service life.

Drying mode

Compression socks can be dried after washing and drying. Avoid scrubbing, twisting, or wringing as this can result in runs, snags, and stretching if hand-washed socks, which will affect the tension of compression socks.
After cleaning can be hung in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose to the sun.
In addition, if you don’t have time to dry and want to dry directly, you need to dry at a low temperature.

According to the above washing procedure can prolong the service life of compression socks, if the frequency of wearing is relatively frequent, then we recommend about 6 months to replace new pressure socks.

hang dry

If your pressure socks do not follow the foot, wear and tear, then you should replace them in time.
A pair of high-quality socks also need proper maintenance to prolong its life.
The above is about the cleaning methods of pressure socks, if you do not know how to choose the right material for your pressure socks, please refer to this article.
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