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Socks are knitted in the barrel of a sock machine in a loop. A point on each loop is a stitch, so the number of stitches in a loop is the number of stitches in that sock. Usually, we use Needle (N) to tell the number of stitches, in short, the needle of a sock is the stitching amount of this sock. Then how would the needle affect a sock, see below.

Common needles of socks

The standard needle for socks is 48N, 56N, 72N, 84N, 96N, 108N, 120N, 132N, 144N, 168N, 170N, 176N, and 200N. Some of these are single needles and some are double needles. Single needle socks are more common because of the ability to make complex patterns. There are two easy ways to distinguish between single and double-needle socks. One is to turn the sock over and look at the cuff part, if it is the same as the front of the sock, it is double-needle, if it is not and a stitching line appears, it is a single needle sock. The second is that a double-needle sock is a single-layer cuff, while a single needle sock is a double-layer cuff. Below are photos for your reference.

different needle of socks

In particular, for single needle socks and our compression socks, the common needles are 144N, 168N and 200N. Our factory also has 220, 260 and 320N for the extra-large group of people, some of which are medical sock machines.

How to figure out socks needle

In order to figure out the needle in a sock, you must first understand what the needle looks like. Take a single needle sock as an example, the picture below shows the pattern made on the computer design, the red mark in the picture is one stitch on design, which means on the needle on socks. To identify easily, we can count the number of stitches in a loop by taking one strip of the sock as a stitch. We have also made a video for you to see how to count the needles.

socks design 1

The difference of different needles

So how can we get a better understanding of different needles of socks? Imagine that we put many different sizes of points on a fixed width, so the size of points in small numbers will be larger than the ones in big numbers. This means that under the condition of the same sock width, the higher the number of stitches, the higher the density of the sock, the finer the pattern. Therefore, high needles are generally used for mid to high-end quality socks. The picture below shows a few comparisons of patterns with different needles. We have also mentioned the situation in the previous article, read here if you are interested.

different needles of socks

What will the needle affect

Generally, the sock needle will affect below things:

1. Pattern

As mentioned above, the higher the needle count, the finer the pattern. Therefore, the complex pattern needs to be achieved through a high number of needles.

2. Width

The needle is one of the many factors that affect the width of a sock. Under the same raw material condition, if we use the different needles, the sock width will be somewhat different. Therefore, if the same pattern is to be made in a child’s to an adult’s size, the needles used will be different, usually 85-120N for children’s socks and 144N or more for adult socks.

3. Price

Under the same specification, the weight of socks made with high needle stitches will increase, so the price will rise accordingly.

Hope this article can help you understand better about the needle and learn which needle is better for your socks. Here we also have an article about the different techniques of the logo on socks. Any inquiries of socks please feel free to contact us — Jiaxing Max Hosiery, a leading manufacturer of sports and compression socks in China. Our mission is, customers first always!

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