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A logo is the symbolic representation of a company’s or a product’s image, which makes it easy for consumers to distinguish between different brands. It plays an important promotional role in publicity. In addition, there are many different techniques used in socks, and this article will discuss the different logo techniques and the notes on socks logo design.

How can we find a suitable logo technique for custom socks? First, we need to know the techniques for sock logos, the common ones are knitting, embroidery, printing, label marking, reflective logo, and grip logo. If the logo is just simple words, you can use all above techniques. While if it’s complex, we need to check the size, the one which is bigger than 5*5cm, we will suggest using embroidery or printing or a reflective logo. And different techniques will make a difference on appearance, let’s check details below.

Logo design

Logo has many forms of expression, including words and patterns.

Here are a few examples of socks from big brands for reference. You can find that some are in the way of letters, some are reflected in simple patterns, there are few complex patterns, which can facilitate consumers to remember and identify.

brands logo

Different logo technique

There are many different logo techniques for socks, such as jacquard or knitting, embroidery, printing, label mark, reflective logo, grip logo, and so on. Below are photos for example.

Jacquard/knitting logo is the most common one, which weaves patterns directly into socks during production.

Embroidery is the additional embroidery of a design onto the sock by machine. Printing is to print the pattern directly on the socks. Label sewing is like washing labels on clothing, it will be sewn onto the socks. Grip logo is mainly for gripper socks like yoga socks, non-slip football socks, trampoline socks, flight socks..etc, most customers will use own logo on the non-slip grip part.

Different techniques have different advantages and disadvantages, and the final effect depends on logo design.

sock logo max hosiery

Factors affecting logo effectiveness

If you want to know the effect of a logo, you have to understand how different techniques of a logo are made.

For jacquard/knitting logo, we need to make computer drawings and knit them on socks, as shown in the picture below.

The pattern is made up of individual dots, and the effect of the computer draft works like a vector image, however, the stitches in the socks are much larger than the pixels on the screen, so it would be not possible to make complex details. So a complex logo is not suitable for the jacquard logo. The following picture shows a simple and complex pattern reference.

pattern drawing

We therefore usually recommend that logo can use simple text or simple patterns, or simplify complex patterns. If not accepted, then embroidery logo is a choice, but since embroidery has a lump that will slightly affect comfort, the logo size of the embroidery is usually recommended to be less than 3*3cm diameter, such as Stance.

The rest technique can basically maintain the effect according to the design draft.

stance logo

Logo position

There is no restrictions on the position of the logo. Usually in the place near cuff part or the upper part of the sock, as this allows the logo to be displayed to the public when the consumer wears it, thus creating a promotional effect.

Most brands place the logo on the left and right side of the upper part, or in the middle. Some will also put it near the toes or on both sides of the soles of the feet, as shown below.

logo position 1

Logo color

There is no limit on the color of socks logo, it can be made according to Pantone color code. You can contact us to get the website of Pantone code.

In the case of no color number, we can also do it according to the pictures provided by the customer, but due to different computer screen resolution and color difference issues, it may cause some color deviation.

Logo file for socks

To facilitate the designer’s drawing, it is recommended that the client provide a sock logo design in AI or pdf format. If this is not available, JPG can also be used.

Notes for socks’ logo

Before designing a logo, you need to check if it has been registered, if you are not sure please feel free to contact us, there is a special website for this. We also make a video for you to understand better.

If you already get a logo design and not sure which technique is better, Max Hosiery is ready to help you. Contact us now!

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