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How Max Hosiery’s Zipper Compression Socks Are Redefining Comfort and Utility

Compression socks help a lot of people. They boost blood flow and cut down on swelling, especially for those who work out a lot, have jobs that keep them on their feet, or sit down most of the day. But, let’s face it, putting them on and taking them off can be a real hassle because they’re so tight. That’s where our zipper compression socks come in. The Evolution of Our Zipper Compression SocksFirst Version The first version of compression zipper socks started with a simple yet promising idea: add a zipper to make them easier to put on and

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A Decade of Excellence: Celebrating 10 Years of Jiaxing Max Hosiery

A few days ago we just finished celebrating our 10th anniversary at Max Hosiery. This is a significant milestone that represents more than simply ten years of making socks—it also represents a path of expansion, creativity, and resiliency. Motivated by this noteworthy achievement, we’ve decided to write a piece that considers our ten-year journey while also looking ahead. This retrospective serves as more than just a glance back; it’s a guide for our goals and intentions as we boldly turn the page on our tale. A Brief introduction to the factory’s founding in 2013 In 2013, our journey at Max

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2023 Semi-annual Report And Forecast On The Sock Industry

The market scale is always one of the important indicators to measure the sock industry. Analyzing the overall size of the global sock market provides insights into the industry’s scale and potential growth opportunities. This includes the overall value of the market and the distribution of market shares. According to the latest data, the global sock market is projected to reach $22.95 billion in 2023. We know that consumer trends are a key aspect of macro data analysis. By studying consumer buying behaviors and preferences, we can uncover the development direction and trends in the sock market. For example, analyzing

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Max Hosiery Mid-year Activity

2 months ago, our company held a performance sprint, since it’s the peak of the period when customers are basically out on holiday. Thus our sock machines will be relatively not busy and it’s some slack season, so we intend to do some incentive mechanisms to stimulate our sales to get orders and improve their motivation.There’re 20 sales in our factory and we’ve separated into 3 different groups and set up individual and team awards, as well as corresponding penalty items. The picture below shows some photos of the sales signing the military orders at that time. And here’s what

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Our changes in 2021– FACTORY TOUR

2021 is coming to an end, this has been another year of both opportunities and risks for us. Although the epidemic is continuing and we have lost the opportunity to participate in the exhibitions, we have also obtained more orders from other channels.  Another good news is that our factory has been expanded from 2 buildings to 3, including the warehouse building, the packaging building, and the production building and we welcome more customers to visit our factory. Let’s go for a factory tour now! Buildings We started with one 4-floor building around 2500 ㎡ area includes production, working, packing..etc. A

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How to realize automatic production

Automatic production has always been the ultimate goal of manufacturers, and it is the same for sock factories. In fact, compared with the general manufacturing industry, sock factories have relatively low requirements for the number of workers, because a worker can generally watch and deal with about 10 machines, so even if there are many machines, we do not need to be equipped with too many workers. This way, we can spend labor costs on other expenses. We currently have 130 machines in total, including some German imported medical sock machines, some ordinary hosiery machines, and some automatic hosiery machines.

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We’re attending the hosiery show!

CHPE also known as Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo is the largest hosiery trade show in China. The 16th/CHPE was hold in 13/May – 15/May, and we Max Hosiery had attended this show. This time we brought lots of new items, like anti-bacterial compression socks with anti-pilling nylon, thinner breathable knee brace..etc. Photos as below Any inquiry on socks or sports socks please feel free to contact us, you’re very welcomed to visit our factory! Follow us here: LinkedinYoutubeFacebook

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Who we are & What we do.| Max Hosiery (Hangzhou Zhongzhi Group)

Who we are In the heart of Hangzhou, a story of resilience and innovation unfolded with Zhongzhi Socks. Founded in 2006 by Michael Liu, our humble beginnings in a small workshop with 20 dedicated workers marked our foray into the world of sock manufacturing. Faced with stiff competition, we pivoted in 2010 under Michael’s guidance, establishing Hangzhou Zhongzhi Industry to export high-quality, specialized socks. Here, Michael and his cousin George, leveraging five years of sock production expertise, began creating unique sports and daily compression socks. This marked a new era for us, emphasizing quality over quantity. Our journey took a collaborative

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