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2021 is coming to an end, this has been another year of both opportunities and risks for us. Although the epidemic is continuing and we have lost the opportunity to participate in the exhibitions, we have also obtained more orders from other channels. 

Another good news is that our factory has been expanded from 2 buildings to 3, including the warehouse building, the packaging building, and the production building and we welcome more customers to visit our factory. Let’s go for a factory tour now!


We started with one 4-floor building around 2500 ㎡ area includes production, working, packing..etc. A new packing and warehouse building was set up in 2017. 4 years later, a new production building was completed and we now get 3 buildings with a total area of 8000 ㎡. Our factory has been growing steadily these years so we expand our production buildings to meet more demands, as well as our workers.

gate 1 1


The socks we produce are mainly sports socks, including compression socks, compression leg sleeves, football socks, yoga socks and so on. Therefore, our machines are also based on the specifications of these socks, and needle count starts from 120 to 200N, and we also have large-gauge machines for plus-sizes together with medical machines like Lonati and Merz. We currently have 10 production lines, each equipped with around 15-20 machines, with an annual production capacity of 19,710,000 pairs for regular socks, but a little less for medical socks. Below is the production floor of our new workshop.


In addition to production machines, we have also introduced an automatic boarding machine this year to improve production capacity. The automatic shaping machine has effectively solved the problem of manual operation, saving labour costs and thus reducing overall production costs. The packaging area is now in the same area as the boarding area, this way we’re able to inspect directly after boarding process completed and then pack. Some sock factories arrange this progress in outer factories, which will increase the total cost and cause size problems.

board 1

In addition, our packing areas are divided according to different SKUS, this will which avoid any mismatch between outer packing and socks.



Since there are 3 buildings, that means we need more warehouse areas for socks and raw materials. Our warehouse is clearly divided into 3 main areas, one for raw materials, one for stock and last one for finished products. We have produced some popular styles of compression socks in stock without logos so that our customers can place trial orders to test the market and reference quality.

stock warehouse 1 1

Here is a factory tour of our new buildings. In addition, we have ISO9001, BSCI and OEKOTEX-100 certifications and are working towards international compliance in our factories as well as environmental protection in our raw materials.

We started small in 2006 and appreciated the opportunity given by all our clients, big or small. As the saying goes, “Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.” The mission of our factory is “customer first”.

Hope to make progress with all customers in 2022 and reach a higher level!

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