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Automatic production has always been the ultimate goal of manufacturers, and it is the same for sock factories.

In fact, compared with the general manufacturing industry, sock factories have relatively low requirements for the number of workers, because a worker can generally watch and deal with about 10 machines, so even if there are many machines, we do not need to be equipped with too many workers. This way, we can spend labor costs on other expenses.

We currently have 130 machines in total, including some German imported medical sock machines, some ordinary hosiery machines, and some automatic hosiery machines.

In terms of daily output, the production capacity of the automatic sock machine is 30-40% higher than that of the ordinary sock machine, and the maximum can be increased from 200 pairs to 300 pairs a day per machine, depending on the complexity of socks.

We are also gradually replacing non-automatic production machines and strive to increase production to reduce customers’ costs.

Last month we purchased some automatic boarding machines. Socks boarding is the last process of sock production, here’s an article introduces the sock production process in detail. This machine can help us increase our production by about 30%, and now all our socks are gradually using automatic shaping machines to save time. In addition, these automated machines have also contributed to environmental protection, saving about half of their electricity on average and reducing emissions to 30%. Below is our video of automatic boarding machine production.

Our Max hosiery will always continue to move forward on the road of energy-saving and emission reduction, adhere to green production and gradually replace all kinds of old machines. While increasing the production capacity, we will improve the production efficiency, minimize the customers’ cost, reduce the production time, and contribute to the global environmental protection.

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