Max Hosiery Mid-year Activity

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2 months ago, our company held a performance sprint, since it’s the peak of the period when customers are basically out on holiday. Thus our sock machines will be relatively not busy and it’s some slack season, so we intend to do some incentive mechanisms to stimulate our sales to get orders and improve their motivation.
There’re 20 sales in our factory and we’ve separated into 3 different groups and set up individual and team awards, as well as corresponding penalty items. The picture below shows some photos of the sales signing the military orders at that time.

max hosiery for compression company activity 2 2

And here’s what we gain during these 2 months

Our heroes!

The day of awards:

For sure we’ve went for dinner together:

max hosiery for compression company activity 4 2

We do hope one day you can visit our factory and join our for dinner together. So don’t hesitate to send us inquiry, we’re professional socks manufacturer– Jiaxing Max Hosiery!

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