What’re the top-rated socks for EU and US markets in 2022?

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More than half the year 2022 has passed, and our factory has communicated with many peers about the market and found that some sock categories have seen a dramatic increase in sales this year, while some have declined. So which socks are the breakout items for 2022, or could be the next breakout item, and which socks categories have seen a decline in demand? This article will tell you the conclusion based on data from end consumers, market conditions, and major industry reports.
Since our main export countries are America and Europe mainly, the countries discussed in this article will be represented by the US and UK.

The top-rated socks are similar in US and EU markets. In US, the most popular ones are dance socks and dress socks. While in the UK, the top ones are colorful socks, flight socks, and ski socks. According to production in our factory, the hot-selling ones are compression socks, grip socks, and scrunch socks (which are top-rated because of FIFA 2022).

Market Perspective

The Economic situation of the target country

From the above chart we can find the US GDP data decreased by 3% in 2020 most because of Covid-19, then goes up to 22996.1 billion in 2021, and it seems will keep the same standard in 2022. The data comes from Trading Economics.
Regarding import and export data, it can be found on 2021, the goods and services deficit increased $182.4 billion, or 27.0 percent, from 2020. Imports increased $576.5 billion or 20.5 percent. Among these data, cotton apparel and household goods increased by $11.3 billion. 

Below is GDP situation for the UK from 1948 to 2021, and it’s similar to the US that GDP in 2020 had felled down, then increased in 2022. The drop in GDP between 2019 and 2020 was also during the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, which did huge damage to many industries, particularly in the service sector upon which the UK economy is heavily reliant.


The proportion of textile imports

After understanding the economic situation of the two countries, we can take a look at the import of socks, because the data is only up to 2020, so we only look at data in 2020.
Figure 1 below shows the import situation of the United States in 2020. The chart shows that textile imports account for about 8%, of which socks (HS 6115) account for about 1.01%. In addition, in the list of textile importing countries, we can find that 42% of textiles are imported from China.
Therefore, China is still the largest importer of textile products in the United States.

Now let’s take a look at the data in the UK.
As can be seen from the UK’s overall import data table for 2020, the proportion of textile imports is close to that of the United States, which is also about 8%.
Among them, socks with HS codes beginning with 6115 accounts for 1.18% of imports, slightly higher than the US market.
From the list of textile importers, China is also a big importer of the United Kingdom, accounting for 34.66%, while other countries account for a relatively scattered proportion.

Export data from China

So above is the import situation of the 2 countries, let’s learn about the situation from China’s export data and make a comparison.
The following picture shows the descending order of China’s exports of product No. 6115 in 2020. It can be found that the United States is the largest importer of Chinese textiles, while the United Kingdom ranks sixth. It basically matches the import data of the two countries mentioned above.

chinese export data

Consumer search volume

After we have learned about the imports of the two markets, we will look at the off-peak season and popular styles of socks from the consumer’s point of view.
You may wonder if there is an off-peak season for socks. we can refer to the following picture.
The picture below shows the search for socks in the US market up to September 15 this year. It is clear that the search for socks peaked in April and July, and the search for socks was about the same for the rest of the year.
A separate analysis of the search volume in April shows that the most relevant topic is apollo performance wear, followed by shark tank. After the search, it is found that the brand apollo performance wear launched the shark tank show in April this year, bringing high traffic to the brand.
After browsing the official website, we can find that the main product of this brand is dance socks, as shown below, then we can also study the same type of socks to drain, or develop functional dance socks.

产品方向1 1

In addition to the apollo performance wear brand, the other popular socks you can see is dress socks.
For style, we searched Google and Amazon and got the following results. So if you want to develop dress socks, you can refer to the following popular styles.

OK, let’s take a look at the British market.
The withdrawal of socks in the chart is less obvious in the off-peak season in the UK, peaking only in early September.
In terms of relevant search volume, the number one ranking is similar to that of the US market, except that the name has been changed to colorful socks, followed by flight socks and ski socks.

Then we also search for popular styles, and we can find that the style requirements of the two markets are completely different from the picture below.
The colorful socks in the UK market are bright in color and gaudier in style, so if you want to do this type of sock style, you can refer to the top design below.
Then with regard to flight socks and ski socks, we also provide relevant styles for reference, of which flight socks are a mainly solid color.
With regard to these two types of sports socks, our factory has great advantages, and our raw materials use Oeko-Tex100 certified environmentally friendly raw materials and are updated every year, in addition, we also have CE and UKCA certifications.

Supplier Perspective

Now let’s check the categories that importers are searching for from the perspective of the supply chain.

Platform searching data

Now many importers are looking for suppliers from Alibaba, so we can take a look at Alibaba’s hot search style.
It should be noted that the search volume on Alibaba cannot be classified according to the specified country, so we can only see the global search data.

From the above two pictures, we can find trending products and hot-selling socks such as dress socks, colorful socks, compression socks, grip socks, etc., as well as popular styles.
In addition, these data are based on the results of buyer-side searches, which means that these products are hot searched or sold by importers such as brands or distributors.

Factory perspective

After learning about consumers and importers, let’s take a look at this year’s popular socks from the supply chain itself.
Since our factory mainly produces sports socks and mainly pressure socks, I will talk about the situation of our factory from the perspective of these two product types.

Compression series

By the end of August this year, our factory probably sold 4800000 pairs of compression socks.
Among them, long tube compression socks account for about 68%, leg covers 10%, ankle protection 22%, ankle protection has increased by 8% compared with last year, and other styles are similar.
Among the long tube pressure socks, we also found that the sales of extra-large pressure socks have increased by 15% this year, while the sales of ordinary pressure socks have dropped apart.
Therefore, plus-size pressure socks may be a trend in the future.
Through consumer data, we can also find that searches for plus-size pressure socks have soared by 150% in the past year.

Sports socks series

Sales of sports socks are up about 5% compared with the same period last year, due to a decline in sales of the models we are steadily working on, but this year because FIFA 22 ( Football Association ) has increased sales of our new football socks by about 20% from a year earlier, and our position continues to grow so far.
Therefore, this sock may also become the next hot product, if you do related products, you can refer to this style.
The ones with grips like Trusox are popular before, and we have talked about grip socks before, you can read here. But this year, scrunch football socks are the top-rated socks that we’re already producing.


In addition to the style, we have also added some special raw materials this year, such as recycled polyester, recycled cotton, organic cotton, and so on, and can provide relevant certificates.
We believe that the market for functional sports socks will become bigger and bigger in the future.

The above is based on the analysis of the next year’s popular socks from three angles.
Moreover, according to an analysis by ResearchAndMarkets, the global sock market is expected to reach $47.8 billion in 2026, with a growth rate of about 3.2% a year, so socks demand in US and UK will only be more higher.
We can arrange the sock product line in advance according to the above report. If you have any inquiries about socks, please feel free to contact us–Jiaxing Max Hosiery.

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