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As the first thing that catches the eye of the consumer, the packaging is sometimes more important than the product itself. Now that online shopping has become the mainstream shopping method, the first thing consumers see after opening the package is the product packaging. A beautifully packaged product is easily impressed at first glance and is psychologically perceived to be of higher quality.

There’re mainly 5 kinds of common packages for compression socks, the first one is a color box which is very popular a few years ago since it increased the total volume of one order. There are still other choices like color bags and paper wrap, The header card is also a simple common package. The last one is a polybag like opp bag or PE bag package. Please check below pictures:

Color box

Coloured boxes were first sought after by some of the biggest brands such as PHYSIXI GEAR, SB SOX and so on. Their packaging can be found on Amazon in coloured boxes. This kind of packaging protects the product from damage to socks. Even if it is wet or rainy, the socks will not get damp and mouldy. This is because we have added an OPP bag to protect the socks and then put them in the box.

However, the disadvantage of this packaging is also obvious, due to Amazon warehouse restrictions, the colour boxes are usually packed in boxes of 100 pairs, which leads to an increase in transportation costs.

color box

Color bag

Color bags have become popular in the last two or three years. Similar to color boxes, you can also have your own design, but the minimum order quantity is higher than for color boxes, usually around 5000. The color bag is less vulnerable to damage than the color box, and the unit price will be lower than the color box. Many customers now use color bags when selling multiple pairs of socks. Shipping costs are also cheaper compared to color boxes.

color bag

Paper Wrap

This type of packaging is the most conventional and is a type of simple packaging. The waistband is shown in the photo and the design can be customized. It is usually wrapped in the middle of the socks to hold them in place. You can use this type of packaging whether you are selling single pairs or multiple pairs. The cost of shipping is a little lower than a color bag.


Header Card

Header card packaging is commonly used in offline shops, like the supermarket shelves where we can see neatly arranged socks. There’s normally a hook hole in the middle for hanging, OPP bags will also be added to the outer package. The cost of shipping is similar to that of a waistband. 

head card


This is the simplest form of packaging, one or more pairs of socks in OPP bags, which are usually sent to the destination and repackaged. If it is sold directly with OPP bags, you also need to post a warning sign with three country languages, as shown below. The shipping cost in this kind of packing is the cheapest because of the lightest weight.


Besides packaging photos, click here to review the popular packaging we used for our compression socks. Here’s also an article about shipping, so you can choose the most suitable sock package.

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