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I wrote an article about the tips for socks inspection before, and there’s also a specific tolerance of shrinkage on sizes. Click here to review the article if you’re interested.

Today I will tell you the basic measurements that factory use, so it helps you to avoid misunderstanding on size issues.

Basic wrong measurement

First let me show you some frequent mistakes on measurement:

max sock measurement2

Both of these methods are the wrong ways to measure, as they do not align to the correct point.

You may think the two pieces of socks should be the same size but it will be affected by shrinkage as well. One new sock produced will be different compared to a sock produced/ used for 1 year or so, because there’s certain shrinkage between each material. In this way, you can ask the supplier to deal with pre-shrunk material for socks/ compression socks. And here we have a guide on how to choose the material.

Commen ways to measure socks

Now let me show the three basic measurements we do:

  1. Central measurement:
central measurement

2. Folding measurement:

fold measurement

3. Crossover measurement:


The central measurement is the most common and simplest method of measurement, as manual measurements are prone to error and the points that need to be aligned in the central measurement are easier to find, so this is the preferred method of measurement.

Measurement for straight shaped socks

Above are the ways to measure socks in a bent shape. There’re two shapes for socks, most of socks are bent boarding like below photo. Few will be shaped in straight, this will be used for printing sock, flight socks..etc. Below are photos of boards so you can get an idea.

boarding machine socks
straight boarding

We also made a video of measurement as below:

Regular size chart for US and EU market

Below is the normal size chart in EU and US countries for your reference, and it’s for foot size since leg length is according to your request.

size chart

The best and easiest way is to ask help from factory directly. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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