Are there any trade shows for socks worldwide?

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As a buyer or sourcing for socks, you may need to look for and attend related trade shows. Since socks are a small branch of apparel accessories, there’re bare trade shows with only socks. As a manufacturer of socks, we are also attending hosiery shows worldwide, today I will show you some famous sock shows worldwide.

A collection of exhibition information about textiles in the world. The top three popular ones in China are
the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Shanghai China International Hosiery Industry Expo, and Haining International Fashion Boutique Socks Sourcing Fair. There’re also shows in South Korea like the preview In SEOUL in August. In Tokyo, Japan, the two large-scale exhibitions, namely Asia Fashion Fair and Fashion World Tokyo. In the US, famous ones are Texworld USA in New York and MAGIC SHOW in Las Vegas. In Europe, there’re also some big shows like Ready To Show in Milan, Italy. Asia Apparel Expo-Berlin and Heimtextil in Germany.

China hosiery shows

The most famous hosiery show is Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo. Known as the“Global flagship exhibition in the field of socks.”. As China’s large-scale, well-known fashion sub-field of commerce and trade exhibition, the Shanghai Hosiery Expo. has developed into a preferred platform for the launch of the new product, channel expansion, cross-border cooperation, and technical exchange among Chinese and Global Sock Enterprises, and has been innovating constantly according to the changes of industry and market, and the Chinese sock brand grow together while leading the development of the industry. The exhibition is held every year in March and August and covers all kinds of socks, a complete range, and was founded in 2005.


With the exhibition and activities area of 50,000 ㎡, it can hold 800+ exhibitors: 800 and 30000+ audiences. Below is the data from previous exhibitions together with our photos of the show.



The second famous hosiery show locates in Zhuji city, Zhejiang province which is called the china International Hosiery Industry Expo. It started in 2006, and hold every year in October.

Zhuji, located in the Yangtze River Delta region with an extremely active economy and great competitiveness in China, is the core city in the tight layer of the Hangzhou metropolitan area, the most valuable county and city in the Yangtze River Delta, and the best commercial city in the Forbes Chinese mainland.

The hosiery industry has always been an important leading industry supporting the high-quality economic development of Zhuji. It is the world’s largest sock production base, and known as the “sock capital of the world”, accounting for 70% of the whole country’s socks output and 30% of the world’s hosiery output.

Among them, many famous enterprises are gathered on Datang street. through nearly 40 years of development and accumulation, the Zhuji Datang hosiery industry has a unique and complete hosiery industry chain and cluster in the world. it has more than 1000 raw material production plants, more than 2000 raw material dealers, more than 6000 sock production plants, more than 2000 sock dealers, more than 100 consignment service enterprises, and so on. If you want to know more about the socks production areas in China, please read this article.

Here is this expo. has an area of 10,000 ㎡,  which can hold 200+  exhibitors and 10000+ audiences. In addition to socks, there are also exhibits like raw materials for socks, sock machines, clothing accessories, and so on.


The third one is Haining International Fashion Boutique Socks Sourcing Fair, it is a special socks brand exhibition jointly sponsored by China Knitting Industry Association, Zhejiang Knitting Industry Association, and Haining Municipal People’s Government. The exhibition focuses on displaying new products and new products in the socks industry Technology, new trends, and at the same time bringing together domestic and foreign high-quality hosiery manufacturers, agents, and purchasers. Since the Haining Socks Fair was held in 2019, and once a year on March. The scale has exceeded 10,000 square meters and can hold 500+ exhibitors with 30000 audiences. There are three exhibition areas for the boutique socks industry, the socks industry raw materials exhibition area and the smart socks machine exhibition area.

sock trade shows

Here are another two big shows and they’re all comprehensive types of exhibitions. One is the famous Canton Fair,

In China, except for the above two exhibitions dedicated to socks, the other exhibitions are basically comprehensive. And one of the biggest comprehensive exhibitions is the Canton Fair.

Founded in the spring of 1957 and held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn, China is currently a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete commodities, the largest number of buyers and the widest sources, the best transaction effect, and the best reputation. It is known as China’s first exhibition and has established trade relations with more than 220 countries and regions in the world. The cumulative export transaction is about 1.5 trillion US dollars, and there are about 9 million overseas buyers attending the meeting.

It has effectively promoted trade exchanges and friendly exchanges between China and the rest of the world. The Canton Fair is divided into three phases, with consumer goods including socks in the third phase, probably in May and November of each year.

may show 2

Besides Canton Fair, China Yiwu InternationaI Commodities Fair is also one of the largest shows in China. Founded in 1995, it is an international exhibition of daily consumer goods approved by the State Council and is held every October in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.

With the purpose of “facing the world and serving the whole country”, the Fair has distinctive features, an outstanding level of internationalization, strong information function, a perfect service system, safety and health guarantee, and remarkable results in participating in the exhibition. it has become the largest, most influential, and most effective consumer goods exhibition in China, one of the three major export commodity exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Commerce, and has been certified by the International Exhibition Alliance (UFI).

The exhibits range from hardware to clothing accessories, outdoor leisure products, and consumer goods. There are many silk stocking factories in Yiwu, so the categories of socks are relatively complete. The exhibition has an area of 100,000 ㎡ which can hold 2300 exhibitors and 160,000 audiences.

South Korea

South Korea Seoul International Textile fabric Exhibition Preview In SEOUL was founded in 2000, sponsored by the Korea Fiber Industry Association one time every year, and has become one of the few professional textile exhibitions in Asia.

At the same time, the exhibition held a number of textile industry seminars and clothing shows.

The visitors are mainly trading companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and procurement offices from South Korea, China, the United States, Japan, Europe, and other countries and regions.

The 2019 session attracted 574 exhibitors and 20000 audiences. The exhibition was held at the Seoul Convention Center in COEX, South Korea, with an area of 10368 square meters, also the exhibit covers clothing, underwear, socks, fabrics, and so on.


Tokyo International Fashion Exhibition which is also called Asia Fashion Fair AFF was founded in 2003. It has been working hard in the professional field for nearly two decades, bringing together the backbone of OEM ODM in the textile and clothing industry of China and Japan. Professional buyers covering the whole country have taken AFF as a key purchasing platform.

AFF held twice a year which are in June and December is the largest professional clothing exhibition in Japan with an exhibition area of 50000 ㎡ and 1350 exhibitors.

Japan Fashion World Tokyo Exhibition is also a famous clothing exhibition in Japan. Since its inception, it has been expanding its scale, not only relying on the love of exhibitors all over the world, but also getting the support of the Japanese clothing industry, and calling on people with great influence on the Japanese clothing industry to give on-the-spot speeches.

The exhibition is held twice a year in Tokyo in April and October, and the exhibits range from clothing, clothing accessories, textile fabrics, socks, shoe bags, etc., which is a comprehensive fashion industry trade show that integrates fashion, clothing accessories, processing technology, and production raw materials.


There are many textile shows in the US, and here we introduce some big ones. New York clothing fabric Exhibition Texworld USA is the most famous clothing fabric purchasing exhibition in the United States. It will organize excellent suppliers from major textile origin areas such as Asia, Turkey, and Brazil and only be open to professional businessmen, including wholesalers, importers, agents, and manufacturers of the textile industry.

Texworld USA is held twice a year, in January and July respectively, with an exhibition area of 20000 ㎡ and a capacity of 513 exhibitors and 27000 audiences. The exhibits also range from textile fabrics to clothing accessories, socks, and so on.

Another major clothing exhibition in the United States is MAGIC SHOW, which was founded in 1933 and is currently a representative professional clothing exhibition in the United States. It was also hold twice a year, February and August.

Up to now, MAGIC SHOW has become one of the professional clothing exhibitions integrating clothing and avant-garde fashion in the world. It is an extremely important clothing market information release platform and ordering center in North America.

MAGIC SHOW has a total exhibition area of more than 200000 ㎡, which is mainly divided into seven exhibition areas: MAGIC- men’s wear, WWDMAGIC- women’s wear, MAGIC KIDS- children’s wear, THE EDGE- avant-garde fashion clothes and accessories, SOURCING ZONE- international processing, FABRIC- fabrics, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE- sports casual wear.

Every year, MAGIC SHOW attracts 96000 professional visitors from the United States and more than 110 countries and regions to visit and negotiate; more than 3200 exhibitors bring 21000 products of about 5500 brands; according to statistics, the trade success rate of participating in the magic exhibition is 80%. Thirty-nine large US retail outlets participate in the exhibition all the year-round, and their orders at MAGIC add up to $87 billion, accounting for 50 percent of US clothing retail sales for the year.

“Sourcing at MAGIC International production and processing Business Exhibition area”-MAGIC Exhibition was launched for the first time in February 2003. because of its clear positioning, the exhibitors in the exhibition area have a good effect on exhibitors, and it is the fastest-growing exhibition area of Magic exhibition at present. this exhibition area is also a professional exhibition area for MAGIC targeting large retailers and brand wholesalers.

Chinese products are sold well in leather clothing, knitted clothing, bathrobe, leisure clothing, children’s clothing, and so on. In February 2019, the exhibition area has about 700 enterprises from the Chinese mainland (including clothing, noodles, and accessories enterprises), and exhibitors have achieved the desired results.

Here are the photos of our original participation in the MAGIC SHOW.



Italian Milan Textile and clothing Exhibition Ready To Show aims to show European customers fabrics and textile products like clothing and hosiery from non-European countries. It is professional clothing purchasing fair. The exhibition is also held twice a year, in January and June. The last textile and clothing exhibition in Milan, Italy (Ready To Show) has a total area of 25000 square meters, with 439 exhibitors from China, South Korea, Japan, France, the United States, Turkey, Dubai, etc., total of 26000 exhibitors.

The exhibitors are all Italian famous brand buyers and production managers, fabric merchants, clothing merchants, wholesalers, distributors, international buyers, chain stores, big department stores, and so on.


There are also two large clothing fairs in Germany, one in Berlin and one in Frankfurt.

Berlin Exhibition is Panorama-Berlin, also known as Asia Apparel Expo-Berlin, founded in 2010 and held in January every year. The exhibits range from all kinds of clothing, clothing accessories, underwear, socks, scarves, and so on with an exhibition area of 50000 ㎡, 650 exhibitors, and 32000 visitors.

The Frankfurt Home Textile Show “Heimtextil” is also held once a year in Frankfurt in January, is one of the most successful exhibition brands in Frankfurt, as well as the largest and most international exhibition in the field. Global exhibitions of the same brand have been held in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The exhibition area is 268100 ㎡, 19th exhibitors 2721 (last statistics), and audience: 72000 (last statistics). The types of exhibits are also fabrics, clothing, accessories, and so on.

Country Trade Show Name Time Place
China Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo March, August Shanghai
China International Hosiery Industry Expo October Zhuji, Zhejiang Province
Haining International Fashion Boutique Socks Sourcing FairMarchHaining, Zhejiang Province
Canton FairApril, OctoberGuangzhou, Guangdong Province
Yiwu InternationaI Commodities FairOctoberYiwu, Zhejiang Province
South KoreaPreview In SEOULAugust SEOUL
JapanAsia Fashion Fair June,DecemberTokyo
Fashion World TokyoApril, OctoberTokyo
USATexworld USAJanuary, JulyNew York
MAGIC SHOWFebruary and AugustLas Vegas
ItalyReady To ShowJanuary, JuneMilan
GermanyAsia Apparel Expo-BerlinJanuaryBerlin

Above is a simple summary of these exhibitions, hope to help you. And if there’s any inquiry regarding socks, please feel free to contact us, Jiaxing Max Hosiery- premium socks manufacturer.

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